The Infinite Book

Welcome reader. What you have in your hands before you is a marvel – an absolute wonder of magic and text. I first came across a tome with a similar enchantment upon it years ago, when travelling the Underdark. It was a simple blue tome with the words “Book of Face” upon its cover (More information on this strange artifact within). But what it showed me was that it was possible to make an infinite book – a million tomes within a tome. For years I searched for the means to produce a similar artifact, all the while documenting everything I could about our world, its history and its quirks. Finally, I found it.

And so I present to you the infinite book.

Within is a collection of everything I could discover about our world, a history from the Dawn War to the present day, a list of places, families, creatures, magic, artifacts, realms and quirks of life.

The most marvelous thing? To this day I am still updating it, delving to within Ioun’s fabled libraries, wandering the land, dining with nobles and in pubs.

Some have called me the Chronicler. Some have called me the Void. Some have suspected that I am Ioun’s Exarch.

All you need to know is that I am a Truthseeker. But you may call me Nathanial.

NB Please note the division between people given pages in the wiki, and people given pages in the characters pages.

Those with pages within the wiki are immortal beings, the greatest of their respective realms / powers. An example of this would be Therai, the Archduke of the Seventh Hell, who was once a PC.

Anyone less powerful than one of the immortal beings is given a page on the character pages. An example would be Hel’Ghaan, the Orange Dragonborn – and although he is seemingly immortal, he is certainly not on par with the gods.

Nameless Lands

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