Knifemaster Bard


Asler is a rather handsome human with short, blond hair, a lute upon his back, and an assortment of knives hidden across his person.

He is an expert of Bardic Magic – mainly spells that involve deception – and lethal with a blade.

“Women will be the death of me one day.”


Asler grew up in Illathaen, a Shadow controlled city during The Insanity War. He instinctively knew how to use magic growing up, but hid it from the city around him.

Working in an inn one night, a group of revolutionaries killed its owner and gave him the inn. Several days later those revolutionaries were captured – and he decided it was a good time to make himself scarce.

He tracked down and contacted Katheryne, where he pitched a plan to secure the revolutionaries gear and to free them from Salindurthai’s dungeons – and then actually pulled it off.

During the escape, a pack of gravehounds caught their scent and he turned towards them, telling the revolutionaries that he would meet them at the “fifth barrow.”

He then stalked off into the night.


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