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  • Archfey

    These are the most powerful beings that live within the [[Feywild]], beings that have lived for thousands of years, watching the rise and fall of empires. They are magical, fickle, forces of nature. They are spoken of in fairy tales - children run around …

  • Tiandra

    With the greatest following of Sidhe Lords, Tiandra is possibly the most influential of the Archfey. It is in her domain that the Court of Stars meet, and her domain that mortals are welcomed. Her daughter, Tilana married [[Renan]] who has been the Prince …

  • The Prince of Frost

    Long ago, he was the Summer Prince, and lost his heart to one of the Daughters of Delight. She betrayed him for the love of a mortal hero, escaping to a time and place beyond his reach. As a result, his heart turned to solid ice, and his demesne became a …

  • Oran

    The most lofty of the Archfey, Oran is a master of natural magic, able to shape trees to his whim. He is fiercely protective of the wild.

  • Serion

    Serion walks the Feywild between dream and reality, between day and night, between future and past. He is probably the most mystical of all of the Archfey, and few understand the true purpose of his machinations.