The Archdukes of the Nine Hells are the supreme rulers of Baator. Many are Pit Fiends, but some, such as Therai and Beliel, were once simply Tieflings. Most of their names – and possibly titles are almost common knowledge throughout the world. They are used in childhood stories as antagonists – information as often exaggerated or outrageous than real. To discover any more would require Knowledge checks, and maybe extensive in-game research.

1st Layer Levistus Betrayer of Peace

2nd Layer Dispater Father of Strife

3rd Layer Mammon King of Greed

4th Layer Fierna Queen of War

5th Later Therai Lord of Pleasure

6th Layer Glasya Daughter of Evil

7th Layer Baazebul Lord of Flies

8th Layer Mephistopheles Emperor of Pain

9th Layer Beliel


Nameless Lands Youngy