All of these beings are known by name – and some by a few names. Praises including their names are commonplace throughout the land – and although churches in their honour are not organised in any one body – they are well spread across the land.

Avandra Change, Luck, Travel (N)

Bane War, Conquest (LE)

Barakas Revolution, Strength, Rage (CG)

Beliel Power, Secrecy, Plots (LE)

Bahamut Justice, Honour, Nobility (LG)

Corellon Magic, Beauty, Art (N)

Gesh Fire, Air, Revenge (CN)

Gruumsh Wisdom, Destruction (NE)

Ioun Knowledge, Prophecy, Skill (N)

Kord Storm, Strength, Battle (N)

Lolth Shadows, Lies, Madness (CE)

Melora Wilderness, Sea (NG)

Moradin Creation, Artisans, Family (NG)

Pelor Sun/Light, Agriculture, Time (NG)

The Raven Queen Fate, Death, Cold (N)

Renvik Technology, Invention, Song, Deception (CG)

Sehanine Trickery, Moon, Love (NG)

Torog Imprisonment, Underdark (NE)

Vecna Undeath, Necromancy, Secrets (NE)

Zehir Darkness, Poison (NE)


The following is less common information. Those with religious knowledge may know of many of them, to find out any more would require Knowledge checks.


One of the most powerful gods during the time of The Dawn War, He-Who-Was was betrayed and killed by Asmodeus. Asmodeus took his divinity and then set out to remove He-Who-Was’s name from the earth – as if in fear that the very mention of his name would return him to life.


Once the god of Undeath, Nerul took a mortal woman for his mistress early in the cycle of the world. She stabbed him in the back and stole his divinity, taking upon herself the name of The Raven Queen.


Also known as Ryloth, the Elder Elemental Eye and by a multitude of other names, Tharzidun was the god who originally took hold of the Shard of Pure Evil. It drove him to insanity within instants and he thrust it into the Elemental Chaos, creating the Abyss. It was he that lead the Primordials in the Dawn War, and was chained away in the Abyss.

At the end of The Shattered Age, he was set free of his cell, and so began The Nameless War in which he was utterly destroyed.


Once the soul god of Dragons he was cloven in two in the Dawn War, thus creating Bahamut and Tiamat.


Once the god of the chromatic dragons, Tiamat was killed by the Nameless Ones at the closing of the Nameless War. Gesh took her divinity from her.


Once an Exarch of He-Who-Was, Asmodeus betrayed his lord, and took his divinity upon himself. In his final moments, He-Who-Was bound Asmodeus to Baator. During the Nameless War, the Nameless Ones, assisted by Beliel and Glasya killed Asmodeus, and Beliel took his divinity.


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