Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones were an adventuring party that rose to power and brought about the end of the The Shattered Age. They originally formed in the Southern nation of Darmor, where they met for the first time at a Tavern before being brought together to complete a task for the mage Menethyr.

Initial Members:

Barakas – Tiefling Warlord
Hel’Ghaan – Dragonborn Fighter
Kithri – Halfling Sorcerer
Therai – Tiefling Wizard
Zak – Drow Swordmage
Filith – Elven Ranger

It was they who foiled the mages upheaval in Darmor, before heading North into Darmor, where their old foe Lyit was plotting something more grand. It was they who saw the rise of Tharzidun and they who lead a combined land against them on the planes of Darmor.

Throughout the years they had many other members who came and went.

Gesh – Dragonborn Warden
Aluana – Human Psion
Jarock – Werewolf Druid
Rorukan – Githyanki Monk
Renan – Eladrin Rogue

Nameless Ones

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