The Shadowfell is a mysterious realm that mortals fear. It is the world’s dark reflection, containing in abundance elements that most people prefer to avoid – death, darkness and peril. The souls of the dead pass into the Shadowfell on their way to their final rest. Ghosts and other undead linger there, alongside darker creatures.
Where the world is life and light, the Shadowfell is death and gloom. Where the world is growth and vitality, the Shadowfell is decay and apathy. The world, being a point of balance, holds these darker elements too. But even the Shadowfell’s lighter side is beset with such sinister components.
It contains several realms and cities, each ruled by one of the Shadowlords or by The Raven Queen herself.


A great city, almost on the verge of the Material plane – most paths into the Shadowfell lead here. It is a city of thieves, assassins, dark politics, necro and nethermancers. One will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. It is ruled by Mareth and his family, the Greys – its few laws enforced by his soldiers.

Letherna The Domain of the Raven Queen
This fortress upon a great rocky outcropping on the middle of a plain, which shadows flow across in great rivers. She holds her court here – up the thousand stairs and across the dark pool – if you are willing to cross it.

Moil The City that Waits
This doomed civilization swore allegiance to dread Orcus then forsook him out of fear and remorse. The city’s faith turned to Pelor scourge of the undead. For this betrayal, Orcus flung the entire city into the Shadowfell, where it slumbers, devoid of all life. Corpses lie upon its streets, waiting for the salvation Pelor could never give them.

The Legionkillers of Moil are a company of knights who watch over the city, but no-one knows what they wait for, or who founded them.

The Plain of Sighing Stones

The House of Black Lanterns

Nightwyrm Fortress

The Shadowdark


Most factions within the Shadowfell are related to one of the Shadowlords


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