These are the most powerful beings that live within the Shadowfell, beings that have lived for thousands of years, watching the rise and fall of empires. Knowledge on the Shadowlords is almost readily available compared to other beings. The Shadowfell can be accessed easily – and is not immediately deadly to anyone who enters (although the longer you stay, the more chance there is you will wind up dead). For that reasons, the names (not true names), titles, and even bits about the domains of the Shadowlords are commonly known. They are generally used in stories as the antagonists – although some portray them as simply misguided.

Syn The Inevitable Blade

Salindurthai The Reaching Shadow

Kalimortia The Watcher of the Cold

Azazel The Grey Reaper

Haramor The Silent Wind

Mareth Of the Grey House

Jarock The Endless Hunger

Lolthat The Legion

The Raven Queen


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