The Dawn Age

In The World this was a time of relative peace, each civilization building up its own nations. The outsider influence on the World is still strong however, many Devils, Demons, Gods and Primordials still interfering with life.

Dwarves build impregnable fortresses in the mountains to guard the treasures they wrested from unyielding stone. Their fabulous wealth drew greedy monsters to their doors and precipitated a series of wars whose results were ruin and death. Their fabulous kingdoms fell and their people scattered to the world’s four corners.

Elves build cities within the woodlands, living at peace with their environment.

Humanity forms the empire of Bael Turath and the Dragonborn form the empire of Arkhosia. Both are still relatively small empires by the time the next age arrives.

Initially Asmodeus consolidates his rule over Baator, the Nine Hells. A series of rebellions spring up led by the Archdukes, and Asmodeus crushes each of them in turn. His daughter Glasya is promoted to the Archduke of the sixth Hell at the end of the upheavals.

The Astral Sea
Bahamut and Tiamat wage war in the War of Dragons.
Bane sets out in revenge against the other Gods for rejecting him as their leader after the end of The Dawn War. He makes little progress on this.

The Feywild
The Summer Court is made by an Archfey. The Sun Prince’s wife, Sharaea, falls in love with a mortal. To escape the arranged marriage with him, she makes a deal with the Raven Queen that she and her lover would be thrust into the future to a time when her intended would agree to release her from her promise of marriage. The betrayal transforms the Sun Prince into the Prince of Frost.

The Shadowfell
A tribe of humans make a pact with the Raven Queen to be her servants in exchange for a shadowy form of agelessness. Some shadar-kai cut their ties to the Raven Queen, placing themselves above the gods. They broker with the Shadowfell’s dread powers, offering their shattered souls in exchange for the power to move between planes of existence.

Nihilath is the mind flayers’ empire, which stretches through the Astral Sea and the Underdark, and was created after they arrive from the Far Realm. They use the gith and the duergar as slaves. Gith are created when the illithid attempt to create the perfect slave race, through selective breeding and magical manipulation. The slave race revolts and name themselves after the leader of their rebellion. Zerthimon, a gith who desires peace, rebels when Gith declares an eternal crusade against the illithids. After much fighting, Zerthimon leads his people into the Elemental Chaos. His followers become known as the Githzerai.

Then comes The Imperial Age.

The Dawn Age

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