The Golden Age

The first five hundred years of peace after the Nameless War.

The New Years

Within the first years of this age, Iaran ruled the entire archipelago as High King, and it was actually a time of peace, none of the nations willing to enter conflict due to the recent horrors of the Nameless War.

Then, one night, Iaran was assassinated by a gun-wielding assassin. In an untold fury, unknown to the public, the Nameless sent out their entire force – and in one black night destroyed everything to do with gunpowder technology. Thousands of people died that night, all plans for the weapons were destroyed – as well as anyone who knew how to produce them from scratch.

This was the Nameless’ darkest hour, and would ultimately cause their undoing.

The Middle Years

Small conflicts entered the world again – a small war between the Dragonborn and Tiefling nations – which was soon quashed by the Nameless in the name of the High King.

Yet these years were mostly peaceful, society returning to normal, and High Kings rose and retired as it was originally planned. However, as all do, the Nameless had their failings. They suppressed technological advancement in most areas to prevent devices such as the firearm ever appearing again.

The Later Years

It was in this time that true conflict started to enter the world again.

The spark of course, was the suppression of technology. A bard by the name of Renvik – an inventor, magician and shapechanger besides – grew frustrated that his creations kept being undermined or destroyed, and went searching for the source.

It was then he discovered what the Nameless were doing, and began to formulate a plan to stop it. Of course, over the proceeding years his plans changed, and blew out of proportion and scope.

He set about undermining society – using a variety of personas to manipulate events to cause as much trouble for the Nameless as possible – one of his greatest tools the Unfortunate Dragons. Using the chaos as a disguise, with the help of the orc tribes and the Black Council as well as Devils – he overthrew the Nameless – in one fell night – placing Kyris on the throne.

So began The Technomagic Age

The Golden Age

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