The Imperial Age


Arkhosia was founded at Io’vanthor, which some believe was once the earthly palace of the dragon god Io. The dragonborn were the first to heed Erathis’ words, taking her laws and magic stylus to form the foundation of Arkhosia.
The dragonborn of Bahamut finally triumphed over those of Tiamat, forging the empire of Arkhosia in the arid lands of the south, in a unified array of dragonborn city-states ruled over by royal lines of mighty dragons led by a dragon emperor named the Golden One and a dragonborn bureaucracy supported the nobles.
The empire expanded its territories with the aim of bringing civilization, knowledge and security to untamed places and ignorant peoples. It expanded mostly through peaceful mean, rather than by force. Within a mere few centuries, Arkhosia came to rule large portions of the known realms.

Bael Turath

Bael Turath was founded by humans. The empire expanded its territories by force, enslaving the conquered nations. Within a mere few centuries, Bael Turath came to rule large portions of the known realms.
When the empire expanded beyond the grasp of its power-hungry nobles, they swore to retain their rule even at the cost of their humanity. After destroying a few houses that refused, the nobles summoned devils and used rituals to seal their infernal pacts, becoming the first tieflings.
The primary devil with whom Bael Turath entered into infernal pacts was Asmodeus himself, founding the Black Academy to study the dark blessings the Archdevil bestowed. Asmodeus compelled each of the other eight lords of Hell to impart one secret of their magic to the warlocks of Bael Turath. The lords of Hell, loathe to surrender an iota of their might to mortals, attached a price to their spells.

Imperial Wars

Bael Turath and Arkhosia came into contact, descending into “decades of warfare”. Border skirmishes grew with each year. Several full-scale wars broke out, including the War of Wings.
The foul magic of the Turathi defiled the lands of Arkhosia, but unknown to the tieflings, their own land was poisoned by this magic, and eventually this would lead to the fall of both empires.

A noble fang dragon named Zebukiel makes a truce with the tieflings to end the war on peaceful terms. The tieflings swear they would stop the fighting if the Arkhosians also did. Zebukiel, knowing that this would be impossible, slew many dragon lords to stop the war. However, he was discovered and an exarch of Bahamut cursed him to not die from age, accident or infirmities, but only through a brutal death. Zebukiel was cast down from the draconic society and was named the Gray Worm.

The Turathi known as the Ruby Wizard, a former military hero, was captured by Torog. Seeing the necessity of the wisdom of the Ruby Wizard in the war, the nobles of the Turathi city of Maelbrathyr send five scions, the Pride of Maelbrathyr, to rescue him from the depths of the Underdark. Although the Pride of Maelbrathyr was successful in rescuing the Ruby Wizard, in retribution, Torog pulled the entire city to the Underdark, where he tortured and slain all of the citizens for blaspheming against him. The cries of the citizens of Maelbrathyr were audible on the surface for years.

Io’vanthor falls when it becomes corrupted by cultists of Tiamat, who opened to city gates to Turathi invaders, thinking the Turathi would slay the remaining worshipers of Bahamut and then they would slay the Turathi. However, Bael Turath is destroyed at the same time, and the Turathi forces were forced to live in the ruins of Io’vanthor.

Without resources or will left to fight to continue the war, the surviving tiefling and dragonborn alike are left with no choice but to largely abandon their lands in search of refuge elsewhere in the world.


It was in this age that Vecna was birthed, lived, died, and lived in his undeath. Vecna was a mortal who first developed the Lich Transformation ritual, created an undead army, created an empire, created the Book of Vile Darkness, was betrayed by his companion Kas, and somehow became a god. The details are kept closely guarded by this god of secrets.

Then came The Shattered Age.

The Imperial Age

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