The Mythic Age

In the beginning there was a point of infinite potential – and a disturbance caused this to erupt, creating existence as we know it.

From the fragments, the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Sea formed, each with its own rulers – the Gods and the Primordials.

Within the Astral Sea the Gods set about carving their own realms, and together they created the Lattice of Heaven to link them together.

The Primordials in this time created The World by combining pieces of remaining creation, discarding the bright and dark pieces. In time these formed as bright and dark reflections of the world, the Feywild and the Shadowfell. The world however was not as we knew it, it was covered in an elemental fury – constantly in a cycle of destruction and recreation.

Once they had completed the Lattice of Heaven, the Gods looked down upon the World, and saw how they could make it better. They created life, tamed the elements and created the sun and the moons. At the same time – as a reaction to the Gods influence, the Primal Spirits of the world came into being.

It was in this time that most of the civilized races were created, and in turn they created, building cities and civilization using both labor and magic.

Then came The Dawn War.

The Mythic Age

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