The Nameless War

Immediately upon his release, and assisted by The Raven Queen’s own Exarch, Kaletur Tharzidun launched an assault upon her within the Shadowfell. Before the other Gods could react he had vanished, taking with him the portfolio of Death. In the following months he reformed his power base, and created deals with Primordials, Aberrants and Demons alike.

During this period, the Nameless Ones traveled the world, bringing the nations and Gods into their cause – to stop Tharzidun once and for good. In this time they located and stole the Pandorum, artifacts created by the Primordials to slay Gods.

Making a deal with Beliel and the assistance of Glasya, the cunning Archduke of the sixth and seventh hell, they smuggled the Pandorum into Baator, and faced Asmodeus in combat. With this artifact they managed to slay Asmodeus in combat, and placed Beliel upon his throne, Therai taking his place as the Archduke of the seventh hell.

Searching out some more assistance they came across a corrupted populace, and found Dagon lurking in the depths of the water underneath. With Pandorum they faced him, and slew him, before burning the populace so his corruption would not spread.

Gareth was built in a night by a workforce of devils due to a pact between Beliel and Theras.

Then Tharzidun’s attack came, launching his forces at the World, where the Gods had placed themselves for the war. In a battle spanning a thousand miles of land, The Nameless Ones met the horde of Tharzidun, and fought. It was here they slew Tiamat, Gesh taking up her mantle – and curing the chromatic dragons of their insanity. Then they faced Tharzidun, and slew him, shattering his essence across the world. Barakas took his mantle and became the god of revolution.

Then came The Golden Age.

The Nameless War

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